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Using Social Signals to Boost your Search Engine Rankings

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Using Social Signals to Boost your Search Engine Rankings 1

Social signals are increasingly becoming important to search engine optimisation. But most webmasters don’t know how their social efforts can help improve their search engine rankings. The following information can help you learn what steps can help enhance your SEO efforts.

1. Link Building through Social Shares

You can build links by creating original content and sharing it on social media. When search engines find links to your different social accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, they will learn about your website’s objectives and rank you for the right keywords. In other words, social sharing is the new form of link building. Traditional link building strategies have been shrunk to genuine and relevant linking, any deviation from which is considered nothing less than spamming. Thus, the importance of social media has significantly increased in this domain of SEO.

2. Faster Content Indexing

Similar to link building, search engine crawlers also index the unique and rich information posted and shared across social media. The underlying factor behind faster indexing of social media content is the number of links it can get in a relatively shorter period of time (as compared to your webpage content). The ability of social media to help build more links in a shorter span of time can help speed up the indexation of your social content.

For example, if your content gets tweeted widely, it can get indexed in less than half the time as other tweets. Google crawlers can find such content within a few seconds (not hours). Many factors come into play when indexing your social content:

  • The number of people tweeting the content;
  • The time span within which the content was shared;
  • The influence of these people.

3. Use of Keywords in Social Content

Using Social Signals to Boost your Search Engine Rankings 2

As keyword optimisation changes from keyword density to the use of long-tail key phrases to other dynamic changes, the use of keywords in social media content is being seen as useful in search engine optimisation. Social media crawlers check two places for the keywords used in social media:

  • Your social account profile
  • The social content you are posting

Make sure that your social media profiles are as complete as possible and contain as much information about your business, and your keywords (without spamming). Search engines will specifically check your:

  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Profile or bio

Make sure to continue using your most important keywords in all the content you will be posting on your walls from time to time. Make sure that they are included naturally into all your social content and are relevant to your niche.

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