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The Vast SEO Opportunity: Latest Survey Shows Untapped Potential

By August 3, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

According to a latest survey, only around 4 in 10 businesses still choose SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy. The survey included all sizes of business and found that social media is the most used online marketing channel. The percentage of companies that spend their time or money on SEO was just 44%. And the most important reason attributed to the lower penetration of SEO is the lack of knowledge and awareness. And this meant that there is vast opportunity for businesses to get a competitive edge.

Digital Marketing Penetration

According to this survey, the different online marketing strategies with their rate of market penetration included the following:

  • Social Media Marketing: 81%
  • Email Marketing: 69%
  • Display & Banner Advertising: 55%
  • Content Marketing: 53%
  • Paid Search Marketing: 47%
  • SEO: 44%

The findings come as a big surprise for everyone including marketers and advertisers. Most advertisers find it difficult to understand how SEO works or its best practices. Most of those surveyed said that they are not taking any steps to optimise their search rankings.

Potential Opportunity in the SEO Domain

As already mentioned, it is highly likely that most of your competition hasn’t yet taken the SEO leap. This provides a big opportunity for you to become the early starter and get ahead.

Almost every business will realise with the following reasons why they haven’t yet given SEO the due attention that it deserves:

  • Lack of Time or Desire: This is one of the biggest reasons why most small businesses don’t get started with SEO. They have lots of other day-to-day tasks and issues to handle, leaving them with not time or desire to focus on search engine optimisation.
  • Lack of Understanding: In addition to lack of time, lack of understanding about this marketing strategy also contributes to it being used as widely. Most business owners think that SEO is a complex process, which it is not. Most people don’t know that SEO is among the most cost-effective online marketing strategies. In fact, it can be even more cost effective than email marketing. Its long-term positive impact, benefits in branding, improved brand recall value, and credibility development benefits are mostly unknown.
  • Traditional Advertising: Most businesses owners still choose traditional advertising because of familiarity. This is despite the fact that conventional advertising has lower ROI compared to SEO.

Thus, there are many reasons for small to medium sized businesses to invest more time and money on SEO. The findings of the latest survey show that investing in search engine optimisation can provide you an important edge over the competition.

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