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W3C Releases Recommendation of HTML5

By November 7, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

W3C Releases Recommendation of HTML5 1

The W3C recently published the 5th major revision of HTML5, titled “Recommendation of HTML5.” The platform is now supported on a wide range of devices and lowers the cost of developing rich applications. It is because of the technology and the Open Web Platform that it is easy to watch and share videos and images, and  shop online.

The HTML5 Advantage

HTML5 makes it possible to bring audio and video onto the web without the need for plugins. There are many things that the platform is capable of doing:

  • Bring program-level access to resolution-based bitmap canvas;
  • Native support for SVG;
  • Annotations essential to East Asian typography;
  • Features for enabling accessibility of rich app.

In the last 2 years, the W3C community continued adding to the test suite with more than 100,000 tests. The Test the Web Forward community efforts continue to play an essential role in driving the interoperability of the Open Web Platform. The recent announcement of the Recommendation means that developers will be able to take advantage of Royalty-Free licensing from more than 60 organizations that comply with the W3C Patent Policy. in other terms, everyone in the web designing and development industry will be able to use web technology without the need for paying hefty royalties.

Application Development Foundations
W3C Releases Recommendation of HTML5 2

In its statement, the W3C stated that HTML5 may already be widely deployed, the consortium still has to fulfill its promise of reducing the costs involved in developing effective, cross-platform applications. According to CEO of W3C, Jeff Jaffe, the future goal of the consortium will be to strengthen those aspects of the Open Web Platform, which are required immediately by developers to succeed. This includes parts like security, privacy, core web design, core web development, device interaction, accessibility and usability.

It is apparent that with more powerful foundations it will become easier to incorporate better features. these features are proposed almost every day within W3C and by its vast community. Currently, W3C is growing at a fast pace to meet the needs of all the leading industries. Besides, more than 4,500 engineers are working together to create new ideas and concepts for the web in almost 200 communities and groups.

Currently, the W3C has more than 400 member organizations. It is run by the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (France), the MIT CSAIL (USA), the Beihang University (China), and the Keio University (Japan). If you need more information about web designing and development, it is recommended to visit