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Web Design Trends – Update

By August 29, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Web Design Trends - Update 1

New web design trends are coming out almost every month. Evidence can be found not only on the W3C standard page but also on the new websites which are joining the web. What are the characteristics that make successful websites today? Features that cannot be ignored! Here is a list of what you must always have on your site.

1. Flat User Interface

A flat user interface involves a combination of basic yet interactive design. It uses smooth and light colours. Flat UI is here to stay and keep evolving. It will remain at the top of the trends for many years. Successful businesses including Apple and Microsoft are using it and you cannot afford to ignore it too.

2. Card Design

Web Design Trends - Update 2

Many web designers are getting inspired by websites like Pinterest. This has led to the creation of tile-like elements in web design. These card-based designs are both practical and elegant. They are interactive and prompt action. They make it easier to ask visitors to pin, share, comment or engage in other ways.

3. Video Content

Creating video is no longer difficult and expensive. Whether it is about introducing your business, products or services, videos (when used wisely) can help reach out to your customers. Videos can have a stronger impact and can convey the messages in a faster and more interesting way. In addition, more and more web designers are successfully using video backgrounds.

4. Storytelling

Websites are made up of text and images, but you can tell your story in a more interactive way, you stand the chance to win over more fans and buyers. Make your content more interesting, narrative and interactive, and you could engage more visitors.

5. Personal UX

Every major website including Netflix and YouTube are using this strategy. You should also use cookies to create custom content. This method can help you present fresh, relevant and more interactive content to your returning visitors than just presenting the same content. It is also possible to add plugins that highlight all the latest posts and developments on your site and blog.

6. Mobile Design

Everyone is talking about it, and this may have become common knowledge. But amid all other aspects of your website’s design, it is easy to forget this crucial element. Even if you already have a website in place, make sure to make it mobile responsive.

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