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Web Designing Trend – Less is More

By July 23, 2014 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Web Designing Trend – Less is More 1

Search engine optimization apart, more and more web designers are embracing the minimalism trend, making single or solid colors schemes more popular. Smart designers are no longer experimenting around with multiple colors or images. They are focusing on incorporating not more than two colors into the scheme to build attention grabbing websites that stand out.

An increasing number of websites feature simple colors like grey, with bold color accents. Less has come to become more and the benefits are there for the webmasters and website owners to seek.

The Focus on Flat Design

The redesign of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS is a good example of the growing focus on flat design. If you have one or more websites, it is important that you become familiar with the concept. While a significant percentage of webmasters are moving towards 3D and shading elements, many others prefer simple layouts, flat colors and lesser cluttering. The result is that you achieve a clean and sleek interface that helps encourage your visitors to spend more time on your site.

Going Beyond Aesthetics

Web Designing Trend – Less is More 2

A flat and minimalistic design is not everything about aesthetics. You will be eliminating all the clutter on your site, making it more usable. Better user experience could mean better conversion rate and thus affecting your business’ bottom line.

As a webmaster or a website owner, it is important to know that each visual element that your visitors view on their screen taxes their brain. This includes all the images (from the tiniest icon) to the links to the shadows to the text. Simplicity means freeing the mind of your target audience, so that they could focus on the central aspect – making a decision.

One Page Scroll Websites

Single page scroll websites and mobile design have further pushed designers to design and develop websites with minimalistic elements. When designing a new website or redesigning an existing site, make it as easy and fast to scroll through and read through. Remove all the clunky widgets and floating elements. Make it easy for your audience to absorb the information at a glance. You should be able to give them the message within a few seconds, the window of opportunity that you have when they are looking at your page.

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