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Is Your Website Mobile Ready & Fast?

By March 1, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you have a mobile site, you will be far ahead of almost 50% of your competitors. But having a mobile site may no longer be enough if you are unable to deliver a fast and better user experience. According to a new research, over 47% of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) don’t have a mobile-ready site. According to an earlier report, almost 67% of SMB websites are not mobile ready at all. So if you have a mobile website, you belong to the group of businesses which can double their audience compared to those without mobile sites.

The Global Mobile Report by comScore claims that almost 50% of traffic to top 100 digital media assets is mobile only. So if you want to have the edge, you should be aware of these tips and observations.

  1. Speed is a Ranking Factor

According to numerous studies, page load speed does affect page rank on mobile sites. The early reports on Mobilegeddon claimed that this was not the case. But after several months and several studies, it has been found that paged speed and page load time are big ranking factors.

In fact, Google itself has stated now that it favours faster websites. Even David Besbris of Google Search has stated that speed has always remained an important part of Google Search, when he was referring recently on AMP Project.

  1. Users Desire Speed

A year or so ago, it was all about having a mobile website. Now it is not just about having a mobile website, users also want those sites to be fast. The user attention span is increasingly growing shorter and shorter. If a mobile site takes more than even 3 seconds to load, 40% of users are likely to abandon the site.

It is interesting that user patience with mobile sites has been observed to be even less than that for desktop-accessed sites. An extra 1 second delay may not seem like anything, but a slower page is the leading complaint related to mobile sites.

  1. Google is pushing for Better User Experience

Google has its market share to maintain, and user experience is a major factor for it. Users want faster web experience, and Google is getting websites to ensure they meet user expectations. In fact, it has set the standards at 1 second for mobile web pages to load on mobile networks. According to a 2014 study, most retail mobile sites have a load time of over 4 seconds. So a 1 second benchmark is almost impossible for most sites.

How to Speeds up Your Site?

The following tips can help you speed up your mobile site:

  • Reduce the size and number of files that need to be downloaded (on your page) by a user.
  • Use file size reducing applications like compression tools for reducing size of videos and images.
  • Don’t use heavy format files and applications for your mobile pages.
  • Optimise the fonts for faster page loading.
  • Optimise the elements for when they load.

Follow these tips and you can boost your search rankings on Google.

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