What happened at the 6th Brand Congress in Cyprus

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Last Friday Alexis, our digital marketing manager,  and I attended the “6th Brand Congress” at the Hilton Park in Nicosia.  The Congress is organised by IMH.

6th Brand Congress, Alexis and Simon, Nicosia, CyprusAfter the 2013 bailout, things are beginning to look up again in the Cypriot economy. Many Cypriot based companies are growing again and perhaps this improvement to the economy was reflected in a strong attendance (my guesstimate is around 250).

As a digital marketing agency based in Nicosia, we need to be mindful of the importance to our clients of building a strong brand, which helps give a competitive advantage in any marketing campaign.

The day was structured around 8 presentations.  I’ll summarise the three that resonated most and gave me the most ‘food for thought’…

Consumer centric marketing in a digital environment

(Johannes Knoll – Marketing Manager at Runtastic GmbH)

(Johannes Knoll – Marketing Manager at Runtastic GmbH)Johannes had some great video clips which demonstrated the power of building a social element to branding.  These showed group ‘Runtastic’ sessions with people of all ages having great fun together at impromptu meetings.

In the context of social media moving more towards interest groups and stories rather than just the traditional feed this came across as a great way to build brand excitement and loyalty.  Check out and try the app.

In a similar way, Arjoon Bose – Head of Marketing at General Mills, UK – discussed how they had used community based tennis as a way to promote the UK’s #1 cereal bar ‘Nature Valley’.

Brand story-telling

(Ricardo Gato, Marketing Director at Cookson Adventures, UK)

Henry Cookson Cyprus 6th Brand Conference

Cookson create bespoke adventure holidays for the wealthy.  There was a heavy lifestyle element to the ads he showed us, however another important element was the idea that each adventure they operate should leave the destination in better shape than before they arrived.

With their clients having the money to fund investment like this (one ad showed clients performing shark tagging for scientific research!) I was left thinking this could make a big impact in a marketplace which is becoming more sensitive to the environmental impacts of traditional package holidays.

When recently Greta Thunberg came to the U.K. from Sweden by train, I was left wondering how long it would be before our children put pressure on us to opt for an eco-friendly holiday when making our summer or winter break choices.

Verbal Remedies

(Bee Jacobs, Marmalade on Toast Creative Studio)

Bee Jacobs, Marmalade on Toast Creative Studio

My final choice for top 3 was Verbal Remedies presented by Bee Jacobs from the Marmalade on Toast Creative Studio.

Bee made us think carefully about the words we choose when creating a brand.  For example, if we use ‘fun’ in our brand, are we relating our brand to comedy, excitement or gratification?  Thinking about word choice carefully could have a big impact on our brand perception.

Thanks to IMH for a well organised and thought provoking event which I learned from and will bear in mind when creating campaign copy for some of our bigger clients.  I’ll be booking my ticket for the 7th Brand Congress next year.

Simon Looker