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When the swing goes to Bing…Microsoft take over SKYPE

By May 19, 2011 No Comments

Dear ladies and gents, I thought it may be best that we write our first entry to this blog on the huge topic that is currently surrounding Search Engine’s and the rise of Microsoft’s Bing engine.

Over the past ten years Google have dominated search engine traffic and have become a household name in the process, their success relied on the following:

  • The ability to find the most relevant result to the searchers query.
  • Their huge SPAM team headed by Matt Cutt’s stopping Spam sites hitting the first page and web developers cheating to gain profit from search engine positioning.
  • The addition of maps, being able to find local businesses and see their geographical position.
  • The quality control with their advertising system (ad words), allowing more relevant websites/adverts a higher position.
  • The addition of the news feature, allowing users to see up to the minute information on the topic they search for.
  • The overall simplicity of the layout, giving users what they want.
  • Google products and the success of their fantastic email platform gmailAnd many more…


Bing however have come into the market at a later stage and offer everything that Google offer plus more, whenever Google seem to come out with a new project, it is mirrored by Bing.

Research over the last few months have proved that Google are still leaps and bounds above Bing in terms of traffic and number of searchers, as one would expect as Bing doesn’t really offer that much of a different experience, also if Google works so well, why change it? Google is still a bigger brand globally, with many people still oblivious to the fact Bing exists.

Unitil Now!

Microsoft CEO and one of the world’s richest men Bill Gates has recently made what we predict to be one of the best acquisitions of the decade – Skype. For those of you who are not aware Skype users can call other Skype users completely free of charge, simply by using the internet connection on the computer, call quality is usually very high, furthermore it is free no matter where you are in the world!

How is this going to benefit Bing?

Although this has not been confirmed, it would be common sense if Bing created a directory (similar to Bing local), with only Skype numbers and a click to call feature. Meaning that from a search you can use your computer/laptop to call the number you are searching for absolutely free, without the need of a phone!

But are the majority of businesses not even on Skype?

Mr Bill Gates and his advertising team at Microsoft have the ability to promote Skype past boundaries they could not before. There is no doubting the fact that Skype is a great concept and application, however it could be said that it has not been marketed to businesses effectively enough. Also if there were to be a Skype directory, I am sure businesses will add this free application if it means potentially getting new business from search engines.

What about Iphone/Android searchers who already have click to call?

The beauty of this is, you can add the Skype app totally free onto your 3G phone, allowing you to make and receive free calls anywhere in the world. Granted at the moment those who work in the trade and are often away from the office who don’t have 3G phones will miss out, but over the longer term as non 3G phones fizzle out this can be highly effective.


What are your thoughts? Do you believe Bing will take over?