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Why Content Continues to be the King

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Search engines have been busy of late upgrading their search algorithms, trying their best to make their search engine results as relevant and useful to their users. In an uncertain SEO marketplace, everyone from bloggers to search engine optimisation experts is speculative about their age-old strategies. You want to implement any optimisation strategy for your website(s) or clients only after testing and ascertaining its relevance after all the search engine algorithm updates. Amongst all the strategies, content continues to hold its importance, and if many SEO pros are to be believed, it has become even more important.

Why Content is Still the King

Content is non-intrusive. It still helps boost search engine rankings in an organic way (something which Google likes). Content builds your reputation as an expert in your field. It can support other digital marketing efforts. Because of its “organic power” content continues to help drive traffic, and its dynamics haven’t changed much.

Non-Intrusive (Explanation) – It is non-intrusive in the sense that it is the visitors who come to your pages or blog posts to read. It is the reader / visitor who decides if your content offers them some value or not.

Create More and More Rich Content

Why Content Continues to be the King 1

The key to succeeding with content marketing is to create more and more relevant and useful content on your website, article directories and blogs. Your rich content will not only draw targeted visitors, there is also a good chance that it will be shared on other similar sites and social media networks.

Make sure that you are creating content that people will find interesting and useful to read. If SEO experts are right, highly relevant content that offers practical solutions can help create a “lead machine” for your business.

Integrate Social Media

With social media hitting its all-time peak, content marketing has found another bigger support in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. High quality content has the potential to go viral and give a boost to your online marketing efforts. Make sure that all your content is enabled for sharing on these social media sites.

Thus, content continues to be the king even after Google and other search engines have brought about all kinds of complex algorithm updates to discourage online marketers, webmasters and website owners.

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