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Why Twitter Marketing is a Highly Promising Promotional Model?

By July 25, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Why Twitter Marketing is a Highly Promising Promotional Model? 1

Twitter may not have as large an audience as Facebook, it is considered to be more engaging. The micro-blogging site has another advantage. It is also a better option to reach to relatively younger demographics. This makes it an important site in your overall online marketing campaign.

Twitter Statistics

  • It has more than 270 million active users
  • Twitter generated over £465 million in auto sales in 2013s
  • The site has shared more than 300 billion tweets since its launching
  • The average user on the site follows at least 5 businesses (more than a third of its users buy from a brand they are following)
  • More mobile users are active on the site than their desktop counterparts
  • eMarketer reported in 2014 that over a fifth of UK consumers used Twitter

Audience Insights Metrics

Twitter is expanding its advertising opportunities, and Audience Insights metrics is a promising step in this direction. The newly launched metrics allow you to collect valuable information about your account’s followers. This helps in identifying potential customers so that you could target them. This new feature also allows you to customise the content in your tweet based on the interests of your followers.

Benefits of Using Audience Insights Metrics

Twitter offers these marketing analytics for free. This makes it more useful for your overall online marketing strategy on this micro blogging site. The insights provided by Audience Insights may not be in-depth information, but it does give you enough info to understand your audience and how to target them.

Information like different income groups among your followers will help you decide which products/services to be used in different Twitter ads and targeted to which group. When you know which target group can afford which products, you will be able to create highly targeted content for them.

The ROI you can generate from Audience Insights will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your business and its specifics
  • Your target audience
  • The resources at your disposal to make the most of the available information

You can always find a way to have the information fit your message.

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