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Why you Must Change your Content Strategy for SEO?

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Content is central to search engine optimization, but the dynamics are changing at a fast pace. Google is updating its algorithm almost every few months.

If you want to make the most out of your articles and blogs now, it is time you wrote in-depth articles.

According to the largest search engine, almost 10% of the daily information needs of users are associated with a broad topic, and it is expected that this percentage will keep increasing over time.

This has changed the way how websites rank in search results.

The focus is no longer on Author Rank but also on Publisher Rank too. Google has made some recommendations about the articles that could be ranked as in-depth articles. The major points are as following:

  • Write relevant content because Google finds content through their topical relevance.
  • Cover all the points associated with the topic while ensuring that the article reads well even when contains keywords.
  • Emphasis on identification of business logo.
  • Use of one or more images related to the topic.


In-Depth Articles and SEO

After implementing the feature, the data used for optimizing publisher SEO efforts tactically stands removed.

The goal behind it was to get the publishers to focus on the semantic relevance, authority and most importantly the user importance rather than creating articles sprinkled with keywords.

So if you are writing articles now, understand your target audience first, write rich content that establishes both visibility and authority and gives a useful experience to users.

A good example is that of Wikipedia that posts in-depth articles that cover all aspects of the topic.

Hummingbird and Content

Similarly the Hummingbird update develops Google’s algorithm for understanding conversational search queries. For example, if you search for the pictures of a theatre and follow it with the query of the “actors who play there,” the results will display the Knowledge Graph of those who play there.

It is expected that gradually exact keyword matches will no longer be as important.

If SEO experts are to be believed, Hummingbird is going to make major impact in the near future.

Google is in the process of releasing new technology that will change the way the search engine works. It is expected that the focus on tactical features like keywords and PageRank will fade away over the years.

But don’t expect things to stop altogether, as they could evolve into new features.

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