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Yahoo and Microsoft Renew their Old Search Deal

By April 18, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo and Microsoft Renew their Old Search Deal 1

Yahoo and Microsoft were search partners more than 6 years ago but they parted their ways in 2009. Yahoo wanted Microsoft to shell out more cash for the deal to go through, but for the next years nothing of the sort was to happen. But the two web giants have again come together and sealed a search agreement. But the new deal is a little different.

Yahoo’s Position

Yahoo will be able to explore other search systems. The new search deal will not hold any of the parties from seeking desktop and mobile search options elsewhere. Yahoo will now be serving Bing ads on both platforms and will power its desktop search traffic using Bing’s results. The duo hasn’t revealed any information about the share percentages or any search volume figures.

Advertising Changes

The new agreement will also change how ads are served. While Microsoft will be controlling the Bing ads entirely, Yahoo will take over the Gemini ads sales. Bing will be able to serve its ads alongside Yahoo’s search results.

Once Yahoo and Microsoft come together, they will have 6.5% share over the global search market. Google commands more than half of the share however.

Details of the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal

According to CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, the new deal between the two companies will focus on innovation. The last time the deal broke, it was between Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Marissa Mayer have been working together on the new agreement for some time. According to Yahoo, it will help improve the company’s user experience deliverance and bring more innovation in their search business. There are indications that it could also open up doors to other partnerships between the two companies.

It is further reported that this search deal is going to last for a decade. The negotiations aren’t yet complete and the executives at the two companies are still working out the minute details of their partnership.

It can be something of concern for Google. The largest search giant took minor hits in terms of search market share a few months ago when it couldn’t renew is search partnership with Firefox. But a lot will still depend on what Yahoo and Microsoft could deliver to the searcher. Google is still too big in its domain to receive any major jolt.

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