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Yahoo Announces its Own Product Ads for Search & Display

By November 15, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo Announces its Own Product Ads for Search & Display 1

As holiday shopping starts to pick up and every internet giant launches new and better products for promotion, Yahoo has joined the band by releasing its line of product ads targeted at retailers. The new product ads can appear on both display and search across both web and mobile platforms. The new ad formats have been launched just a few weeks before the Black Friday weekend.

Yahoo Product Ads Technology Partners

Overstock, Kohl’s and Wayfair are few of the major brand names who partnered Yahoo in the designing of the new ad formats. Other technology partners who contributed to the program through the pilot period are Merkle RKG, ChannelAdvisor, and Commerce Hub.

According to Yahoo, the early retailers who have used the product ads have noticed as high as 20% boost in their conversion rates. Many have experienced over 30% reduction in cost per acquisition. They have been able to improve impact of campaigns without increasing their budgets.

Access Multiple Ad Systems

Yahoo allows you to run your product ads across multiple ad systems. They can run across Yahoo’s search results powered by Gemini and on the search results running over Polyvore. It is worth noting that the search giant acquired Polyvore more recently.

Yahoo also has plans to roll out product ads as native ads powered by Gemini. The product ads can also be run on BrightRoll DSP as display ads.

Benefits of Yahoo Product Ads

According to Yahoo, the new product ads bring the following benefits to its advertisers:

  • Wider Reach – Reach a wider range of targeted audience across the web using Yahoo’s variety of web properties.
  • Develop Engaging Ads – Develop and manage more engaging display ads.
  • Better Targeting – Make the most of Yahoo data to get insights on how to build awareness through the sales process and generate sales from recent visitors.

You can use the targeting systems offered by Yahoo across all these advertising systems to focus specifically on your audience. Similar to other product feed, the ads are developed from the product feeds of merchants.

Typically, Yahoo Product Ads will be offered as a managed service. Marketers are required to contact their Yahoo representatives in order to start their campaign.

If you want to make the most of the new Yahoo Product Ads, it is recommended to seek the help of industry-leading experts. Visit to get more information and help.