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Yahoo Gemini Releases Retargeting for Native Ads & Search

By May 17, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo Gemini has launched custom audience targeting for native image / video ads and search. The development comes after Yahoo tested it with over a hundred advertisers. The initial launch is focused on the U.S. market. It is expected that it will also be released in the U.K. in near future.

Benefits for Advertisers

Custom audience targeting was first announced in September and tests began in January. Site visitors can be retargeted (after segmenting by action taken / page visited). Advertisers can also import app customer lists to retarget.

It is easy to create audience in Gemini:

  • Open the Tools tab
  • Open Custom Audience
  • Set up audience of app customers or past site visitors

Advertisers can now use own data and Yahoo data for targeting customers within search results across different devices. This can help in boosting your ROI on ad spend.

You can now take advantage of audience-based buying within search advertising. This means you can now target searchers based on their:

  • Search queries
  • Interests
  • Behaviour

Yahoo Gemini allows advertisers to select audience segments so that you can engage searchers who are much more likely to show interest in your products.

New Targeting Capabilities

Now, you can use Yahoo Gemini for:

  • Retargeting consumers who take specific action or visit a page on your website.
  • Targeting searchers based on over 150 audience interest categories.
  • Engaging current app users based on in-app behaviour.

Yahoo Custom Audience Targeting Tests

According to Yahoo, they have been testing custom audience targeting for search with around 100 advertisers. The main findings included:

  • Average 200% higher CTR and boost in ad positioning for audience targeted traffic for the tested advertisers.
  • Average 90% higher conversion rates and 30% savings were recorded in cost per acquisition (CPA) when conversion tracking was leveraged through Dot and bids were optimised for designated keywords.

Yahoo’s goal behind the latest release is to turn paid search into more data-based and to make it more effective. This is expected to help boost efficiency and performance, which is depicted in real numbers through improved CTR, ad positions, CPA, and conversion rates for audience targeted traffic. You can expect to reach your most valuable audience.

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