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Yahoo & Google Sign New Partnership Deal After a Decade

By October 26, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo & Google Sign New Partnership Deal After a Decade 1

What happens when Google and Yahoo come together again in a deal for search results? Something great for businesses looking to make the most of search engine optimisation! Yahoo has announced that it is looking forward to enter a new deal with the largest search engine. The new collaboration will exclude the UK and EU, with the most probably reason being the anti-trust regulations. It will also have to pass through the US Department of Justice and certain laws in India.

What is the New Search Deal?

According to Yahoo, the company has entered into a deal with Google that gives it more flexibility for choosing the supplier of ads and search results. Yahoo already has powerful search and ad products, which have already been backed by Microsoft’s services. But with Google also entering its overall game, its product offerings will further improve.

Yahoo & Microsoft Partnership

Yahoo renewed its search agreement with Microsoft back in April 2015. As per that deal, Bing ads appear on over 50% of the web searches on Yahoo. The remaining searches receive ads from Yahoo and other ad systems chosen by the search engine. Within a month of this setup with Microsoft, the search engine was seen testing Google’s ads/search results. It is expected that the company was more than satisfied with the results, which helped pave the way for the recent deal.

Yahoo’s Earlier Search Deal with Google

Yahoo and Google had a partnership in 2000, when the Sunnyvale-based search engine carried Google’s ads and search results. This was before the company had its own search tech and ad-serving systems. Yahoo developed its own technology only in 2004.

But in 2010, the company dropped its search systems when it signed an agreement with Microsoft. Interestingly, the company has been struggling to reap the expected benefits from the deal and is more interested in looking for new avenues of revenue generation.

The New Search Deal

The new deal with Google will be effective until 2018. But there are terms that allow the company to end the contract any time before that. As per the latest agreement, Google will be providing Yahoo with search ads through its AdSense for Search, image search and Websearch Service. The company will be able to display the results from all these services on both web and mobile searches. In simple terms, the company will be able to display Google’s search results – both free organic results and paid ads.

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