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Yahoo Launches ‘Answers Now’ App

By December 13, 2016 February 16th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo Answers is amongst the earliest sites in its category. It was introduced at a time when “answer engines” were the trend and seemed to be growing into competitive alternatives for traditional search. But they could never pick up. Yahoo’s recent release of Answers Now is a valiant move in this direction. It is the mobile version of its existing Answers Now program. So what does it offer to the mobile user who wants to look up for something on their device?

Main Features

The main features of the new Yahoo Answers Now app are as following:

  • Matching Questions: When a user asks a question, the query is routed to ‘qualified responders’ who can provide quality answers.
  • Follow Users: Users can follow others to stay connected with them. There is no longer any need to remember any user profiles.
  • Thank Users: Users can thank those who answered their queries. It can be a simple “thank you” or an emoji.
  • Notification: The user gets notified when someone answers their question. Similarly, thank you messages are also instantly notified.
  • Supports Rich Media: The answers can be illustrated with rich media. The answerer can include images, videos and links into their answers. This makes the new app more interactive and engaging.

Signing up for the app may be a little cumbersome, but it does offer appealing user experience and a large database of searchable content.

Benefits of Yahoo Answers

The advantage of using Yahoo Answers Now App is that it offers very specific answers. Yahoo claims that it will be able to deliver real-time responses. It will be worth watching how well the search engine can maintain the quality of the answers. One of the main advantages Yahoo Answers has is that it can rely on the search engine’s massive content archive and vast community.

Yahoo Answers Now Algorithm

It is worth noting that the underlying process of discovering answers still relies on SEO and search results. It makes use of a matching algorithm for sending questions to ‘qualified responders’. According to Yahoo, these responders are experienced and have expertise in providing high-quality answers.

This is not a new segment in the search domain. Google, Facebook and Amazon have all attempted to develop this segment at one point or the other. Quora has continued to perform in this domain with some success. Yahoo Answers Now is expected to be a big breakthrough in this the mobile ‘answers’ segment.

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