Yahoo Releases Powerful Features in Flickr v4.0 for iOS

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Yahoo Releases Powerful Features in Flickr v4.0 for iOS 1

Yahoo recently updated the Flickr iOS app to version 4.0. The photo sharing app receives some powerful new features. With the latest set of features, Flickr seems to be on the pathway to become a photo management and photo storage app rather than just being a simple photo sharing app. In other words, Yahoo is taking it beyond the competitor Instagram!

New Features of Flickr

Some of the key new features in the app are as following:


This new feature in the Flickr iOS app will automatically upload your images and videos from your mobile phone or tablet to your Flickr account. It is not just the newly taken photos/videos. It will save all your past images and videos. The service provides you 1TB of storage to keep all the files – more than enough for at least a few years. As part of privacy issue, all the files will remain private unless you want to share them. What makes Auto-Uploadr more interesting is that it can also automatically detect duplication.

Unified Search

The new Unified Search will not only deliver search results from your own photos, but also from all the users whom you are following. There’s more – the search will extend to the photo-sharing service’ entire database of public images too.

Camera Roll

Another powerful new feature, Camera Roll gives you more control over your complete photo and video catalogue. You can organise and edit the collection without affecting the original files. The new editing tools include:

  • Crop
  • Contrast
  • Brightness control
  • White balance

Yahoo has also added some performance enhancements to the new app.

Interestingly, the Camera Roll is also part of the design revamp in Flickr v4.0. The feature looks almost like the camera roll found the Photos app – the iOS app. With the new features Flickr could improve its popularity as the default photo app for iPhone users. Besides, the new timeline view in Flickr has already added a better user experience.

Amusingly, Flickr v4.0 for iOS also allows you to share your photos directly to Instagram. This will allow you to get more out of your photo sharing experience.

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