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Yahoo Silently Rolls Out Display Ads-to-Search Results Campaign

By October 17, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

As Google continues to add new features and innovate to make its search experience better, Yahoo too is making constant improvements. In the latest development, Yahoo has started using display ads for driving search traffic for highly competitive terms. The search engine now links ads to search results for terms in different competitive sectors. So now you can have display ads driving users to your SERPs.

What’s Special About this New Feature?

The new ad feature is not just limited to the web. Similar ads can also be seen within apps. So far these ads have been found to target competitive and popular search terms. Most of the advertisers using Yahoo/Bing for their search campaigns have not yet been informed about this new feature. Yahoo is primarily using this new technique to generate traffic to its search results pages.

There has been no official announcement by the search engine yet. It is expected that the performance of this feature is going to be different than that for ads or searches. As an advertiser in any of the covered verticals you are likely to notice big changes in impressions/clicks against certain keywords. Currently, there seems to be no way to opt out of this feature.

Improved Performance

The new display ads-to-search results campaign is expected to boost search performance. However, it is also seen as not an organic way to boost search traffic. It seems that this campaign has been running for several weeks now and it is only now that it has been detected.

Yahoo uses many other techniques for driving traffic for highly competitive search queries.

Trending Now

Yahoo’s home page lists several topics under its Trending Now feature. It is limited to the web version only. These results mostly link to Yahoo’s search pages related to Trending News articles. The topic is relevant to the subject on the page. But some results may end up being not related to the trending list. So users at times can click on trending topics and end up on standard pages with labeled ads on the top and right side.

Yet, Yahoo’s efforts more recently have helped it boost results for its advertisers.

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