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Yahoo Updates Homepage with New Widgets & Revamps Mobile App

By February 5, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

A few weeks ago Yahoo updated its mobile search algorithm. This time the company has refreshed its home page in the U.S. and mobile app. Yahoo has claimed that the updates will help deliver a more consistent user experience to make it easier for its users to find and consume content. Now users will be able to scroll through related news stories inline without the need for opening different stories in different browser tabs.

What’s New in Yahoo’s Home Page?

Some of the changed/new features on the new Yahoo home page are as following:

  • Editor-chosen news stories on top
  • Relevant content alongside the stories
  • Curated Yahoo stream matching user interests

The right-hand column has been renamed as “My Favourites.” Previously the column had Yahoo services like shopping, games, and Yahoo personals amongst others. But now you can choose from different third-party services and sites such as Facebook, eBay and news sites.

Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Mail and other Yahoo services have also been moved under the My Favourites section. Hover the mouse over the widgets and a display will pop up with an ad and your information.

New Facebook Widget

This is one of the best new changes. It is a fully-operational mini-Facebook that has lots of resemblance to Facebook’s mobile version. Some of the features of this widget include:

  • Full news feed
  • Links to Profile, Friends list and Events & Birthdays
  • Move the cursor off this pop-out widget, it will take a few seconds before the service disappears

There is a similar feature that you can embed within your iGoogle account.

You can also follow breaking news stories in real time on the site. Instant notifications are released whenever any story gets updated. Comments have also been added directly inline with news stories. This will help Yahoo in further engaging its users with its content.

Yahoo now also allows you to make your own widget. There’s a new ‘Add’ button that allows you to add the web address so that you could keep track.

According to Yahoo, the latest update is based on the current mobile trends. The company quoted a Flurry Trend Report that claimed that magazine and news app usage has grown by more than 141% in the last year.

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