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Yahoo Updates Its Mobile Search Algorithm

By January 13, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo has made some significant changes to its mobile search results. It now supports AMP-based news publishers, an improved image search and Twitter integration and more. The search giant recently announced rolling out these new features, which will further improve the mobile search experience for its users.

New Algorithm for Recent News

Among other developments, Yahoo has updated its algorithm to display the latest and most popular stories in the news results. The update has not only covered the web search results, but also the mobile search results. With this upgrade, it seems Yahoo is moving further closer to Google.

AMP Compatibility

Yahoo Mobile is now AMP compatible. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has a lot of fuss around it currently. Yahoo has shown its support for news publishers who want to make the most of the new tech for publishing their content on mobile.

The search giant announced that it would now be displaying news pages supporting AMP in its search results. The experience will also extend across all users of Yahoo Search.

Twitter Integration

Google has already integrated Twitter into its search results. It was initially on experiment basis, but has now been expanded further. Yahoo has now followed the search giant and added relevant and most popular tweets in its mobile search results.

It seems the initial results will be based solely on the celebrity searches, presenting results relevant to the celebrities. And it will be restricted to Yahoo Mobile only.

Yahoo Mobile Image Search

Yahoo has also upgraded its image search for mobile. It will now be easier for people to search for the images of their favourite celebrities. It has now become easier to find celebrity images. Once users have found images for their favourite celebrity, they could check for extra photos based on what content is trending. In other words, they will be able to learn more about the content other users are engaging with.

All these are big changes for Yahoo. Google has already updated most of these features and is certainly a step ahead of all the search engines including Yahoo and Bing. Google continues to be the leading search market share holder with 94.38%, followed by Yahoo with 3.24%, and Bing with 2.06% in November 2015.

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