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Yahoo Updates Yahoo Mail Search Algorithm

By August 15, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Yahoo Updates Yahoo Mail Search Algorithm 1

Searching emails is usually a complicated task. Whenever you need to find a specific email from the past, you enter some keywords that you think may be in the email and get results containing all the emails with those words. The algorithm is entirely different from search engine algorithm. Yahoo’s new update, Project Bootcamp, is about to change that.

Until now, conducting a search on Yahoo Mail had some of the following limitations:

  • Lack of ranking by importance,
  • Lack of suggestions from the algorithm, and
  • Providing just a list of search results based on the latest emails containing those words.

That has changed thanks to the new update.

Better Yahoo Email Search

People rely on their email for crucial information that includes photos, tasks, documents, conversations, plane tickets, and much more. Yahoo Mail has over 225 mln users and the company has been working for over a year to improve its email search.

New Changes – Now when users will type a name in their search box, they will get suggestions about whom or what they may be looking for. Yahoo Mail will also suggest creating a relevant search term.

Earlier when you used to search for a ticket from ‘British Airways’, Yahoo Email search would have delivered a result with all the emails that had ‘British’ and ‘airways’ in them. After the new update, the search will restrict the results to emails from the airlines.

Improved Indexing

Yahoo has also announced that it will index links and attachments. If you search for “photos football and England”, Yahoo Mail will deliver photos based on the algorithm that connects the messages to the sport. You will no longer have to browse through hundreds of emails containing those individual words.

Yahoo has also added a new sorting button on the right hand side that allows you to sort the search results based on several factors including:

  • Relevance
  • Recent / oldest
  • Messages containing attachments

Social Media Integration

Yahoo seems to be on a major re-jig frenzy. The tech company has now allowed its Yahoo Mail users to connect their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account with their email account. The next time you check your contacts, you will get information about a contact from their social profiles.

According to Yahoo, the indexing algorithm behind Project Bootcamp will also be used to deliver more personal experiences on the search engine’s other services including Livetext and fantasy sports games.

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